Link Round-up

Barred Owl

Barred Owl in the Backyard. Hopefully vole-hunting!

Some of the browser tabs I have open right now:

My former MA supervisor Claire Campbell shared the speech she delivered at a roundtable on Environmental history and sustainability studise education at ASEH. It’s really interesting and I say that not just because I think she’s incredibly astute and clever.

44 Geologically Significant Sites in Nova Scotia.” Cool.

The Inhuman Anthropocene,” Dana Luciano. To be perfectly honest, this one is still one of my to-be-read tabs.

I just haven’t found an acceptably wispy and airy grass yet that will overwinter in my garden, nor have I seen one elsewhere in Nova Scotia. That’s (partly) why I envy this ‘restored’ Medieval garden.

Not precisely convinced that the author of this post has selected gardens that most express inspiration from Piet Oudolf (as Tony Spencer also mentions in the comments!), but there are some nice examples of ornamental grass use. Also maybe I don’t know Tom Stuart-Smith’s work well enough to say this, but I consider him more Oudolf-adjacent, contemporaries working within often similar inspirational frameworks, rather than someone who riffs on what Oudolf has established.

A Walk in the Garden: My Stroll with Dan Pearson, paired with this film of The Old Rectory Garden, designed by Pearson.

The Old Rectory, Gloucestershire from Dan Pearson Studio on Vimeo.


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